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A modern ship registry for today's ship owners.

Downloads - Forms

Application Forms

Form N1Application for Registration of Vessel / Ownership Declaration / Appointment of Manager
Form N1-AExplanatory Notes For Form N1
Form IMO Number (SHIP) Application form for Ship IMO Number
Form IMO Number (OWN)Application form for Registered Owner IMO Number
Form IMO Number (COMPANY)Application form for Company IMO Number
Form N2Application for Ship Suspension Due to Bareboat Charter
Form N3Application for Deletion of Vessel
Form N4Application for Change of Vessel Name
Form N5Application for Replacement of Certificates
Form NCSRApplication form for the isssuance of Continuous Synopsis Record
Form NCSR-AAmendment and Index of Amendments for CSR (Form 2 and Form 3)
Form INSPApplication for Flag State Inspector

Medical Related Forms

Form NMEDApplication for Medical Fitness Examination

Declaration Forms

Form DMLC IIDeclaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II
Form DMLC IApplication for Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I
Form NCSMNotification of change of ship manager
Form NISMCDeclaration of Company (ISM Code)
Form NISMDPDeclaration of Designated Person(s)
Form NCSODeclaration of Company Security Officer(s)

Crewing Related Forms

Form NCOEApplication form for a Niue Certificate of Endorsement (COE)

Miscellaneous Forms

Form NM1Mortgage Deed form
Form NM1TTransfer of Mortgage
Form BOSCommercial Bill of Sale - Form No. 10A
Form Inmarsat ActivationInmarsat Maritime Mobile Earth Station Form
Form RS06 AppointmentRS06 Appointment Form

Reporting Forms

Form NPIReport of Personal Injury or Loss of Life form
Form NRCReport of a Marine Casualty Form
Form NRSIReport of Security Incident
Form FSIFlag State Inspection Report