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A modern ship registry for today's ship owners.

Flag State Inspection

Today’s maritime conventions and regulations have changed tremendously for the ship operator. Within the last decade, new conventions and requirements (such as ISM Code, ISPS Code, Bunker Convention, LRIT etc) have come into force, and more will be expected (MLC 2006, BWS, etc) to ensure ships meet certain standards for the safety of lives on board and to protect the marine environment.

We believe safety of lives on board is paramount, and so is ensuring the marine environment is kept clean for our future generations. We also understand that sometimes ship owners need assistance to ensure they do not overlook any compliance issues that may cause a vessel to be detained, incurring substantial loss of earnings for the ship operator.

For this reason, the Registry has embarked on a flag state inspection scheme to help ensure a vessel flying the Niue flag complies with the necessary regulations. Flag State Inspections are conducted on annual basis by NSR appointed surveyors to ensure vessel’s general conditions and documentation complies with the IMO regulations and requirements, thereby, reducing the chance for detention and risk of lives on board.